wxHtmlWindow and online HTML files 07 June 2004 at 00:00
To get the wxHtmlWindow to support "online" html files, you need to include the Internet FileHandler, and add it to the global wxFileSystem:

#include "wx/fs_inet.h"

wxFileSystem::AddHandler(new wxInternetFSHandler);

This control is very primitive, however, so it's probably better to use compiler directives and use the wxIE or wxMozilla controls.

XP Look and Feel for wxWindows 07 June 2004 at 00:00
wxWindows 2.4.x or older

In order for your application to have the Windows XP look and feel, you need to create 'appname.exe.manifest' file for your application.

The simplest way is to copy "wxWidgets/bin/widgets.exe.manifest" to your app's directory and rename it to "yourappname.exe.manifest". Finally, modify lines 9 and 10 appropriately - this should work on any Win32 app that does not already have the XP look and feel.

wxWindows 2.5.x or newer

The wx.rc file includes the appropriate manifest, so XP theming will "just work".