Simple Jars To create a simple jar, add all the class files required with the following example command-line statement:

jar cf MyJar.jar *.class

To view your applet with the above jar, in your HTML page add the following code:

<applet code="StartClass.class" archive="MyJar.jar" width="100" height="100"></applet>

To add a directory to a jar, just type the name of the directorys with spaces in between at the end of the jar command:

jar cvf MyJar.jar audio classes images

Viewing the contents of a jar file

jar tf bundle.jarSimple Cabs

To create a CAB archive (Microsoft only), create you cab using the following command-line statement (this assumes you have downloaded the Microsoft SDK from

cabarc n TestClass.class

Then, to view this, add the following to your HTML page:

<applet code="TestClass.class" width="100" height="100">
    <PARAM NAME="cabbase" VALUE="">