The JavaScript replace() function does not replace all instances of the query string - only the first one encountered. This function replaces all instances of the unwanted string.

 * @param strChk      String to be cleaned
 * @param strFind     String to replace
 * @param strReplace  String to insert
 * @return            String without unwanted characters/strings
function replaceAll(strChk, strFind, strReplace) {
  var strOut = strChk;
  while (strOut.indexOf(strFind) > -1) {
    strOut = strOut.replace(strFind, strReplace);
  return strOut;

Alternatively, a cleaner approach is to prototype the string object, effectively adding the replaceAll method to the string class. Using the following approach, you can then use this method as you would any other string method, e.g. yourstring.replaceAll(‘a’, ‘b’);

String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) {
  var str = this;
  while (str.indexOf(find) > -1) {
    str = str.replace(find, replace);
  return str;