I’ve been using XBMC at home, and I’ve been trying to find software to edit Genres on my movie files so I can sort them a little better. To my surprise, I couldn’t find anything that seems to be able to edit tags on all the file types that I used. My next step was looking for libraries, and I was pleasantly surprised with taglib-sharp - available at https://github.com/mono/taglib-sharp.

I installed using the Nuget Package Manager in Visual Studio, and it literally took me 2 minutes to figure out a basic example and it worked perfectly on a number of files I tried!

using (TagLib.File tagFile = TagLib.File.Create("D:\\Temp\\101 Dalmatians.avi"))
    tagFile.Tag.Genres = new string[] { "Animated", "Family" };

I love software that just works.