Padding strings in SQL Server 2008

There are often cases when you need to format a string or number into a string with a specified length. SQL Server 2008 doesn’t have an inbuilt “PAD” function, but you can get around that with some String functions. [Read More]
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Editing Video Tags with taglib-sharp

I’ve been using XBMC at home, and I’ve been trying to find software to edit Genres on my movie files so I can sort them a little better. To my surprise, I couldn’t find anything that seems to be able to edit tags on all the file types that I... [Read More]
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Android - Sharing development packages

I was wondering how you can share Android packages that you’re developing with other interested parties. Well, it turns out it’s fairly easy. Assuming you’re working on the emulator, your first task is to extract the package off the emulator. [Read More]
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