Jenkins Active Directory Authentication with CCTray

Our Jenkins build server is only accessed internally, so there was never any real reason to put authentication on it. However, I recently added QA Deployments to the build server and we’d like to implement production releases too, so I figured now was a good time to add Active Directory... [Read More]
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Powershell - Recursively deleting folders

I haven’t posted for ages as I am not doing any coding at the moment, but this little snippet that I used to know in my head completely eluded me today. I thought I’d post it here for when that happens again: this will delete ALL .svn folders in C:\Temp,... [Read More]
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Customising Console2

Every time I get a new machine, I always have to set up Console2 again, and because I have the memory of a goldfish, I always forget how. So this time around, I thought I would blog the minor changes I make. [Read More]

Using SQL Server's BCP Import Utility

I had an issue today trying to get data from a client where we had access to their database via their VPN, but couldn’t do a straight SQL Server transfer. I opted to use the bcp utility to export the table to a 0.75GB file, which I was then able... [Read More]
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Padding strings in SQL Server 2008

There are often cases when you need to format a string or number into a string with a specified length. SQL Server 2008 doesn’t have an inbuilt “PAD” function, but you can get around that with some String functions. [Read More]
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