Moq BadImageFormatException with NUnit

I ran into an issue today running a unit test where I kept getting a System.BadImageFormatException on the test dll. I incorrectly assumed this was NUnit - after digging around a bit I worked out it was actually Moq that was the source of the problem. [Read More]
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Following stackoverflow’s example, I’ve started using prettify for syntax highlighting on this blog. I’ve used the Google syntax highlighter in the past, but prettify just seems easier as I don’t need to mark it with class names or anything - all I need to do is wrap code in pre... [Read More]
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Using the WiX Installer

I’ve been playing with the Wix Installer for the last few days, and I’m absolutely amazed by it. It’s a real bastard to get into, but once you’re up and running it’s pretty incredible how much can be customised. There is a LOT of documentation out there, but the most... [Read More]
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Unit Testing and DateTime Comparisons

One thing I’ve found annoying for the long time, is trying to assert DateTime equality when unit testing, particularly when the DateTimes have been parsed from strings in the underlying method. Two DateTime constructs, despite being identical in terms of their values, often won’t assert as being equal and your... [Read More]
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