MVC3 Deployment Nightmare

I had a freaking nightmare deploying an MVC3 app today. Seems simple. Database was up and running. The code was deployed and had been tested on our local systems. I deployed via our amazing SVN deployment process, and published on the live server. Permissions applied automatically, all the files appeared... [Read More]

Windows Symbolic Links

Symbolic links in Windows: ā€“ this was weird. I was moaning to Rohland about how I missed have symlinks from Linux, but Iā€™d never bothered to research the alternative in Windows, assuming that Shortcuts were all we have. It turns out, you CAN make sybmbolic links in Windows.
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WCF Quick and Dirty

I added some WCF services to an existing project today, and I found I had completely forgotten the easy way of setting this stuff up. So, here goes. Note that you will usually split your host and consumer between separate projects ā€“ this is just an outline of the basics... [Read More]
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