Combining .NET Assemblies with ILMerge

I Used ILMerge today for the first time, and it’s great. Aspnet_merge.exe is actually based on this tool, and it allows you to combine all your assemblies into a single exe or dll - great for simple deployment. [Read More]
Tags: .net

Running MSBuild using a Powershell Script

I wanted to build a Visual Studio solution using MSBuild using a Powershell script. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a reference on the web that actually worked for me. I thought I’d post it here for future reference, as it applies to the execution of any executable from within Powershell. It... [Read More]

Debugging log4net

I ran into an issue with log4net today where it just would NOT log to the database. I knew the database connection settings were fine, and the config file was fine, but some minor changes I had made to field sizes resulted in the whole thing not logging. [Read More]
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FFMPeg and the XBox 360

I’ve got a pile of old MPEGs on my PC from an old Sony camcorder of mine, that I wanted to play on my XBox 360. My XBox isn’t connected to my home network, and I wanted to be able to convert the mpegs into something the XBox could read... [Read More]
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