Building Code Documentation with SandCastle

I’ve always used nDoc for building code documentation, and then (around 2 years ago) I shifted to Sandcastle Help File Builder. We’re wanting to start documenting code at work, so today I downloaded the latest version (along with Sandcastle to give the latest versions a whirl. [Read More]
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SQL Server Locking, Blocking and Waiting

Being able to see what is blocking or waiting on a SQL Server machine is essential for most developers these days. I find myself using the following queries almost daily at the moment, so I thought I’d post them here: [Read More]
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SQL Server IDENTITY Columns

IDENTITY columns can be a real pain in the ass when data gets out of sync. GUIDs are generally a much better option when it comes to replication, but you aren’t always in control of data structures and sometimes you inherit old systems that weren’t designed to be replicated. [Read More]
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SQL Server Express Remote Connections

I’ve been doing some work with SQL Server replication over the last few days, and in order to acheive this I was replicating between one of our DB servers and a SQL Server Express instance on my desktop. To my surprise, setting up remote connections to Express is actually a... [Read More]
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