Building Code Documentation with SandCastle

I’ve always used nDoc for building code documentation, and then (around 2 years ago) I shifted to Sandcastle Help File Builder. We’re wanting to start documenting code at work, so today I downloaded the latest version (along with Sandcastle to give the latest versions a whirl. [Read More]
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SQL Server Locking, Blocking and Waiting

Being able to see what is blocking or waiting on a SQL Server machine is essential for most developers these days. I find myself using the following queries almost daily at the moment, so I thought I’d post them here: [Read More]
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SQL Server IDENTITY Columns

IDENTITY columns can be a real pain in the ass when data gets out of sync. GUIDs are generally a much better option when it comes to replication, but you aren’t always in control of data structures and sometimes you inherit old systems that weren’t designed to be replicated. [Read More]
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SQL Server Express Remote Connections

I’ve been doing some work with SQL Server replication over the last few days, and in order to acheive this I was replicating between one of our DB servers and a SQL Server Express instance on my desktop. To my surprise, setting up remote connections to Express is actually a... [Read More]
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Protecting .NET Code with Dotfuscator

Although .NET compiles into binary .dlls, these assemblies are extremely easy to reverse-engineer using Reflector, or any other decent Reflection tool. Although it’s not completely secure, the simplest way to protect your code is to run it through the free obfuscation tool that comes with Visual Studio: Dotfuscator Community Edition.... [Read More]