Google syntax highlighter

In setting up this blog, I was weighing up my options as to how to highlight code. You can do it manually by setting the colour of individual words, but that is just a pain in the ass, particularly for larger posts so I considered writing a JavaScript class for... [Read More]

IN queries with Castle ActiveRecord

Rather than do a String.Format, ActiveRecord has a Query.SetParameterList(“Param”, IList) method that can be used for IN statements. Doing it this way allows for query caching, as well as simpler code. In the following example, lstKeys is a List object. [Read More]
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Element Wrapping in IE6

Now that tables are no longer acceptable for use when creating displays, there remains a problem when trying to get a row of elements to always display as a row without wrapping. In IE7 and Firefox, you can get it to behave fairly easily, but in IE6 it’s actually impossible... [Read More]
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