PhotoTool 2.1.0

One of the pieces of software I wrote (10 years ago now!) that I actually use is PhotoTool. This isn’t really anything amazing, it just works for me when I want to upload photos. I updated it last week to use the ImageProcessor library, and put the horrible source code... [Read More]
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Scheduled photos with a web cam

I have a spare web cam lying around, and figured it would be a great addition to set it up so it can take regular photos of our lounge when we’re away on holiday. I did a quick Google, and managed to get a rudimentary solution running in less than... [Read More]
Tags: powershell

Deleting stubborn windows folders

Every now and then, even as an administrator on a machine, you hit a folder that you just cannot delete. The usual route is to take ownership of the folder and it’s child files and folders, but once in a blue moon this doesn’t work and you’re stuck with a... [Read More]

Git Cheat Sheet

We’re switching to git (on at the moment, and I really wanted to use it properly instead of just relying on the GIU clients. I decided to learn it using the command-line, and I found this excellent tutorial online which really helped me understand some of the fundamentals: [Read More]
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Creating tickets in Trac with XmlRpc and C# .NET

Programmatically creating tickets in a Trac system using the recommended approach of XmlRpc is actually fairly straight-forward. The documentation and various sources were confusing to me at first, so I thought I would document the steps I went through to set it up. For me, I had a basic Trac... [Read More]
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