Backing Up

Locate the pg_dump file (usually located in /usr/local/pgsql/bin/ and run the following commands to backup your database:

pg_dump -s -f filename_schema.dmp -U username database_name
pg_dump -a -f filename_data.dmp -U username database_name

to create the schema and data dumps respectively. This will create text files with all the necessary SQL statements required to restore the database using the PostgreSQL restore feature.

Dropping the existing database

Before restoring, you may need to drop the existing database. Use the following command:

dropdb <database_name>

Restoring the database

To restore the above database, you will need to create a new database and then run the script using the psql command:

createdb --username=<user> database_name
psql -e -f filename_schema.dmp -U <user> <database_name>
psql -e -f filename_data.dmp -U <user> <database_name>

to restore the schema, and then the data.