HTTP Pre-Authentication

Rick Strahl posted this excellent article on pre-authenticating HTTP requests - this is something that’s caught me in the past but he explains the whole concept so well here I thought this was worth noting for my own future reference.

SQL Server - Updating varbinary fields

I’m working on a development database with a lot of varbinary fields - these are great once you have your admin screens but they’re a pain in the initial development phase when there is no GUI for loading data. This little T-SQL snippet can be used to update varbinary fields... [Read More]
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MS DTC Timeout error

I had a very frustrating Friday evening fighting with MSDTC. I made a one-line, 10 second change to a page I was working on. It was one of those things that you really don’t even need to test usually, but I always test, no matter how small the change, and... [Read More]
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