MediaWiki on IIS working with no styles

I decided to install MediaWiki today on one of our web servers, and set it up within IIS. However, although the site immediately served pages, all of them were displaying without any styles. The stylesheet request showed with a 200 response within Chrome so I didn’t think there was anything... [Read More]
Tags: mediawiki

Upgrading SSL configuration on your web server

I ran SSL tests on one of our web servers recently and found it was horribly out of date, receving an “F” from QULAYS SSL Labs SSL Server Test. Boooo. The problem was, in the past this was a pain in the butt as you had to pile into the... [Read More]
Tags: iis

XmlWriter not releasing file with Powershell Script

I encountered an issue today where a developer had created a Powershell script to write XML from stored procedure to a file, and the file would not be released until we closed the PowerGUI Script Editor (which is what we used to run the file). Even from the console it... [Read More]
Tags: powershell