Clearing Chrome Certificates

Chrome stores SSL certificate state per host in the browser history, which can become an issue when you generate a new self-signed certifcate and need to refresh it. To clear the browser history: Ctrl + Shift + Del Deselect all checkboxes except for “Cached images and files” Clear data [Read More]
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Filtering error logging with NLog

You always want to log errors on your live systems, but sometimes there are errors that occur that you are not interested in and don’t want to code around. For example, a client disconnects in the middle of a web request. NLog allows you to add filters to ignore these... [Read More]
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Powershell Tips using Jenkins

At IUA we use Jenkins for CI, and we use Powershell for automation of our builds and deployments. We’ve always invoked Powershell using batch commands, but I recent implemented the Powershell plugin which makes life a little easier. Some tips on implementation: [Read More]

Matching IIS W3SVC folders to web sites

For every web site created in IIS, a new W3SVCX folder is created in the logging folder configured for IIS. Knowing which folder applies to which site is not obvious, particularly when you have multiple sites serving the same content and it’s not easy to determine this information from inspecting... [Read More]
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Moving to CloudFlare

I’ve been meaning to move to CloudFlare for a while, and thanks to this amazingly helpful page created by Troy Hunt, I’ve taken the leap. [Read More]
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